Tamsyn is a student activist at the University of Toronto and a survivor of campus sexual assault. Through Trinity Against Sexual Assault and Harassment she has played a key role in sexual violence advocacy at Trinity College and has written about sexual violence as a news writer for the Varsity newspaper.

Ariel is an activist, survivor, and recent graduate from University of Toronto in the Diaspora and Transnational Studies department. During her time at U of T, she was involved with on- and off-campus sexual violence advocacy and sexual health education. In addition, Ariel has been working in education more broadly for almost ten years. In September, Ariel is moving from the sayfe.u head office in Toronto to Vancouver, B.C to expand the reach of sayfe.u to west coast colleges and universities.

Lisa is a computer science student at the University of Toronto. She is dedicated to using her skills to help eradicate campus sexual assault. She is the co-founder of a nonprofit organization that runs programming to supporting the  physical, social, and mental wellbeing of local students. She has done research within the computer science department exploring educational video game design. 

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